Saturday, October 19, 2013

Moving forward: Next Steps For The Distro

So there recently have been some problems, such as echo leaving temporarily for school but fear not, we have a new member. Their introduction will come soon but yeah. So 3 of us in total are doing this project but we would love help in spreading our zines and such. Our digital copies of our zines will be up in 1 month due to scheduling and such. They will be free to download, but in the meantime physical copies will cost 2 dollars. We wish to have physicall copies be free but with limited money we cannot. Eventually though they will be free.

We have also decided that instead of having a focus printing older zines, we have decided to put a focus on printing newer zines. Granted you will still be able to pickup some renzo novatore from us, but mostly new zines from a new generation of anarchist writers. Pieces from 40+ years ago are great, but we should be writing newer stuff and constantly be in motion with our theories. Anarchism has grown so much since proudhon first coined the term, and we should keep it growing. SO with that, if you have writing you want out, send us a copy digitally, and at least 10 dollars (so we can make copies for you) and we'll print it! Keep in mind this is an POST-LEFT ANARCHIST distro, so sorry leftist we will not print your shit, go to AK press for that.

You may be confused why we are asking you to give us money to print your work. Well, we're all poor. Most of the printing comes out of our own pockets. We wish we could do it for free, believe me, but we cannot. We will email you the cost of printing after we review your piece and let you know how much we will be able to pay. We hope this does not diminish your urge to write and cast out your own theories.

With that, we also want to remind folks, the more donations we get, the more zines we can print. If you want to see original work, you're going to have to pay for it. It's just another reason to hate capitalism, and it pains me to tell folks this. So far, we have been donated a total of 60 dollars. That means we have printed less than 60 zines. We can print 5 a month because of a monthly donater. If you can donate just a 1 dollar a month, that would help us GREATLY. Please consider it.

Now, for good news. We have 2 ORIGINAL PIECES already printed and bought and such. We are VERY happy about that. We are also starting a band, so you get to hear us be play music. We are also in the planning stages of a monthly publication. That's right, a newspaper. We are an ambitious group, and we are going to continue that ambitiousness. Starting a newspaper will be hard, but hey, YOLO

We thank all our readers and those supporting us through our mini hiatus.

For a world without oppression, for a society without civilization

For anarchy!


  1. hey i am a student at roosevelt high school and im trying to start a politics collective here. i think both of you have a lot of really cool blog posts. i was wondering if i could talk about some of them in meetings. also do you have any other blogs or writers youd recommend?

    1. Hi ashton!
      This is cracklemore. Im on mobile so that is why I am on anon.

      Anyways awesome! Study groups amongst highschoolers is always great to hear about, especially in the form of school sanctioned clubs.

      Since I cannot link, some notable authors we suggest are Max Stirner, Renzo Novatore, Peter Kropotkin, Alfredo M. Bonanno, Tiqqun, Hakim Bey, mikael Bakunin, Emma Goldman, Luigi galleani, Erinne Vivanci, Guiseppe Cianabilla.

      Some of our favorite blogs are "from the court of miracles" which is an anarchist blog kinda like ours but run ny one really rad person. Another blog is "modern slavery" which they hold very similar beliefs to us.

      If you are interested about physical copies of our zines go ahead and send me your contact info at we would love to help you get this group started.

      I hope I answered your question! Have a good day!