Friday, August 30, 2013

Also real quick, we encourage commenting! By this we mean don't comment "ew post-left" or any other useless shit, but we do encourage discussion and actual critiques. We want folks to develop their own theories of everything we talk about, because it's what we are doing. Seriously though, no oppressive bullshit or we will make you cry.
                               On The Rejection Of Revolution: Quick note on revolutionaries

I do not trust self proclaimed revolutionaries. Those who speak of revolution, and advocate for it, want reform. They want to have their reform glorified and marked in the dark pages of history. They want control. Talk to someone who calls themselves a "revolutionary," what is it they do exactly? More importantly, what do they preach exactly? You can run into all the rich people's homes, kill them all and take all of their wealth and give it to "the people" but does that mean anything if you are just going to install a new police, or a new ideology on "the people"? What is the point of this "revolution" all the anarchist are talking about these days. Well, there is no point. These people do not want revolution for freedom, they want it for control.

Comrades, do not be so easily blinded by this, embarrassment of anarchism. The left will defend their right to control in every instance. I wouldn't be surprised to see this post attacked or, to the very least, blogged about (Oh the irony!). Historically the left has been all about control. A lot of left-anarchist love to point out "free" Catalonia, and completely fail to analyze the situation there. Durriti was in control, he was in charge of everything. Like Mahkno's "free" territory in Ukraine, it was all a sham. Propaganda if you will. The I.W.W Supported prohibition, yes, their oh so "great" union supported the state in the banning of alcohol. Why? Because they wanted to control the struggle.

Now, what can we do about this? Historically, nothing. The left is trapped. They have locked themselves in their own prisons. Ideology and leadership is what created the left, and it is what will destroy the left. Throw ideology out of the window and think for yourself! punch the organizer and organize yourself! Leave this prison behind and take up struggle with comrades.   

                                                                                                   Sincerely, Cracklemore

Thursday, August 29, 2013


    Welcome all to this new blog! It is run by 2 folks, Cracklemore and Echo. We're both young Insurrectionary Post-left Anarchist. The goal of this blog is to get our collected writings out, and also provide an outlet for other youth to be inspired and to take action against this horrible horrible world we live in. This will be the first post for a week, or maybe more, but we will be pumping out content on a regular basis once we get everything just right.

   By Post-left, we mean we have left the left. We are tired of being manipulated, tired of being trained, tired of being seen as lesser, and tired of "being organized." We are the proles that cannot be organized, we are the lumpen proles. We embrace our youthful spirits instead of drown them out and organize them. We reject the idea that we must wait 40 years down the road for revolution, that we may not even be alive for the revolution. We want it now! Not in 10 years, not in 100. We are against patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy. We are against every single thing the current world stands for. We are not here to build but to destroy. We aren't going to critique industrialization, but rather critique civillization. That is what we mean by Post-left.

  By Insurrectionary we mean we want the struggle now. We don't want to build a movement and have everything organized and controlled by us, we want revolution now. Revolution, as defined by the left, is basically glorified reform. We don't want to install a new police, or a new party, or a new ideology. We want anarchy. We don't fetishize long dead white acedemics, nor do we fetishize the existence of future society. We just wanna be free.

  By Lumpen Proletariat, we mean we cannot be organized.

   Fuck the left, fuck the cis-tem, and fuck everything-
                                                                                       Sincerely, Cracklemore and Echo