Friday, September 27, 2013

If you notice, you can donate to us!

Hey folks, I am happy to announce that I have solved the internet and guess what, you can finally donate to us now! We want to pump out zines and stuff and start publishing but being 2 broke teenagers ya know, it's kinda hard to do that so with your help, and a bit of love, we can make that dream a reality!

Q: How much can I donate?

A: As much as you want!

Q: Where would this money go to?

A: First thing first is we need a printer, paper, ink cartridges, and the like. Eventually the money will go towards bail bonds and other neccescities anarchist need. We haven't figured EVERYTHING out but right now our primary goal is to get a printer and a press running.

Q: Why bail bonds in the future?

A: Fuck rotting in jail, lets get comrades out while we can and give them some freedom.

Q: Will I be able to read any of your zines?

A: Of course! All zines published by us will also be put on this blog for folks who live outside of the Pacific North West.

Q: Would the money I donate ever be used for personal reasons?

A: Only when it's en emergency like say if one of us went to the hospital, or couldn't afford something they materially need for survival. That's it, other wise it all goes to the distro!

Q: Are there any fees when I donate?

A: Yes, $0.30 (USD) and 1.9% - 2.9% will be deducted from the amount you donate so we ask everyone to donate at least $1.00 so donations actually go through and such.

Q: Do you take any currency?

A: We only take USD but that's the great thing about online donations, currency converting happens anyways!

We thank you if you can donate, and if you can't that's totally chill. Have a happy friday folks!

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