Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ageism and anarchy: towards a critical theory of ageism.

When: December 7th, 7pm

Where: Red And Black Cafe (SE 12th amd Oak street, right across the street from the church, one block north of stark

What: Join us for a presentation and discussion of ageism led by me, cracklemore. Ever wondered how youth are specifically affectes by capitalism, or patriarchy, or whiteness? Have your own theory amd want to discuss it? Well come on down!

For about an hour and a half I will be talking about ageism and all that jazz then we will have a discussion about what I said, and about what you think.

After that we will do a Q&A about the distro and myself or even about dinosaurs, we will answer almost any question you have!

Since this is technically a fundraiser admission is whatever you want to pay. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds!

Now a special thing for our readers. I am going to tag this as something completely random. If you show up with that tag written down, or just say it to whoever is at the table you get as many zines as you want for FREE. Yes we are doing a promo for our readers because you are what keeps ua going and we wish to show our appreciation <3

So you have the info, spread it!

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