Thursday, October 10, 2013

Official Statement In Support Of THE CUSP

The Cusp is an upcoming anarchist social center in downtown olympia. Their tumblr url is check it out!

We praise this. We have been beaten and bruised. Some of us have fought back in our own ways, but not on the scale we use to it. We have isolated ourselves and hid for too long. Though, from this isolation and fear from the state we have grown tighter bonds, found more points of affinity, and have had more passion. These past 2 years have been as positive as they have been negative. Now is the time to put both foots on the gas.

We can't be in isolation anymore. Kasama, and other communist groups have filled the power vacuum that anarchist held. We were a force to be reckoned with. We are still here, but a shadow of our formerselves. Are we really going to let the same folks who slander us, and will kill us without batting an eye be the dominant anti-capitalist? This is not a proposal for popularity, this isn't even a proposal. It's too true. We have found ourselves again though, and we are slowly coming back stronger than before.

This is why we proudly support The Cusp. They even state it's time to get out of the defense. We have stronger bonds than ever before. We have better theories than ever before. What better way to celebrate this and push back by opening a social center? This has been needed for a long time now. The most recent social center was Firehouse 51, but they are long gone. Now we will have a new social center, to better our critiques, to strengthen our already tight bonds, to gain new ground.

Please consider donating to them. So many donations are going around lately but guess what? We're all poor. Help them out. They deserve it.

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