Saturday, October 19, 2013

Moving forward: Next Steps For The Distro

So there recently have been some problems, such as echo leaving temporarily for school but fear not, we have a new member. Their introduction will come soon but yeah. So 3 of us in total are doing this project but we would love help in spreading our zines and such. Our digital copies of our zines will be up in 1 month due to scheduling and such. They will be free to download, but in the meantime physical copies will cost 2 dollars. We wish to have physicall copies be free but with limited money we cannot. Eventually though they will be free.

We have also decided that instead of having a focus printing older zines, we have decided to put a focus on printing newer zines. Granted you will still be able to pickup some renzo novatore from us, but mostly new zines from a new generation of anarchist writers. Pieces from 40+ years ago are great, but we should be writing newer stuff and constantly be in motion with our theories. Anarchism has grown so much since proudhon first coined the term, and we should keep it growing. SO with that, if you have writing you want out, send us a copy digitally, and at least 10 dollars (so we can make copies for you) and we'll print it! Keep in mind this is an POST-LEFT ANARCHIST distro, so sorry leftist we will not print your shit, go to AK press for that.

You may be confused why we are asking you to give us money to print your work. Well, we're all poor. Most of the printing comes out of our own pockets. We wish we could do it for free, believe me, but we cannot. We will email you the cost of printing after we review your piece and let you know how much we will be able to pay. We hope this does not diminish your urge to write and cast out your own theories.

With that, we also want to remind folks, the more donations we get, the more zines we can print. If you want to see original work, you're going to have to pay for it. It's just another reason to hate capitalism, and it pains me to tell folks this. So far, we have been donated a total of 60 dollars. That means we have printed less than 60 zines. We can print 5 a month because of a monthly donater. If you can donate just a 1 dollar a month, that would help us GREATLY. Please consider it.

Now, for good news. We have 2 ORIGINAL PIECES already printed and bought and such. We are VERY happy about that. We are also starting a band, so you get to hear us be play music. We are also in the planning stages of a monthly publication. That's right, a newspaper. We are an ambitious group, and we are going to continue that ambitiousness. Starting a newspaper will be hard, but hey, YOLO

We thank all our readers and those supporting us through our mini hiatus.

For a world without oppression, for a society without civilization

For anarchy!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

So, I'll be on hiatus

Some shit recently got complicated, so I will be on hiatus for a very long time. I haven't been able to post as much as I would like to, and I haven't been able to print as much as I should have been able to. So I'll be off the blog for a while, and out of the distro, but this does not mean I am abandoning the struggle, as I will always be an insurrectionary anarchist.

Which brings me to my final words: Stay Insurrecto.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Towards An Insurrectionary Critique Of Ageism

Ageism is a word you never really hear in depthly talked about in any circle of anarchist really. Folks will call it out from time to time, but, do they even know what it means? Do they know how it works even? Does anyone? These are the questions we need to ask. If we are about destroying every hierarchy, and freeing ourselves, why are youth like me an echo thrown under the bus when it comes to analysis and just general participation?

I have been in several circles. From a left-anarchist circle, to a maoist circle. In all the groups I have been in there have been re-accuring patterns. I have to debate, just to be able to be listened to. Now, this is nothing new for a teenager. because of stereotypes and such youth are seen as "dumb" or "immature" and there for their opinions and ideas are de-legitimized on the basis of intellectual pedestal placement above youth done by middle aged folks.

Don't get me wrong. Ageism is weird in the sense that, not one group is directly affected, rather 2 groups. The youth and the old. Actually old folks are treated like children. Not taken seriously, and trained to be obediant to middle aged folks and listen to them because they proclaim that they know best. They act like they have the direct authority.

I introduce a new word, well my friend did but I want to introduce it into the academic world. This word is "Medivitarchy." The word comes from the Latin/Greek words medius [middle] vita [life: our life] and archy [rule, rule of]. I use the word to refer to how the youth/young adults and elderly are ruled by those of the middle age (people around 30-55).

I propose talk and discussion about this. use this word, and think about middle aged domination. How do you yourself interact with youth and aged folks? How do you view teenagers and toddlers differantly? how about how do you view them similarly? Now apply those same questions to aged folks.

If we truely want to see a free world, then we need to analyze everything about this world. This is not a call for identity politics, rather the opposite, in a sense. For how can you destroy something that you don't know exist?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Official Statement In Support Of THE CUSP

The Cusp is an upcoming anarchist social center in downtown olympia. Their tumblr url is check it out!

We praise this. We have been beaten and bruised. Some of us have fought back in our own ways, but not on the scale we use to it. We have isolated ourselves and hid for too long. Though, from this isolation and fear from the state we have grown tighter bonds, found more points of affinity, and have had more passion. These past 2 years have been as positive as they have been negative. Now is the time to put both foots on the gas.

We can't be in isolation anymore. Kasama, and other communist groups have filled the power vacuum that anarchist held. We were a force to be reckoned with. We are still here, but a shadow of our formerselves. Are we really going to let the same folks who slander us, and will kill us without batting an eye be the dominant anti-capitalist? This is not a proposal for popularity, this isn't even a proposal. It's too true. We have found ourselves again though, and we are slowly coming back stronger than before.

This is why we proudly support The Cusp. They even state it's time to get out of the defense. We have stronger bonds than ever before. We have better theories than ever before. What better way to celebrate this and push back by opening a social center? This has been needed for a long time now. The most recent social center was Firehouse 51, but they are long gone. Now we will have a new social center, to better our critiques, to strengthen our already tight bonds, to gain new ground.

Please consider donating to them. So many donations are going around lately but guess what? We're all poor. Help them out. They deserve it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We've come along way, so here is to you reader!

To those who read this everday, once a week, or just to pop in and laugh at us here is a thanks a toast!

We love writing, and we love this blog. As 2 youth, we finally have a platform to be taken seriously. Youth are never taken seriously. There is a reason the "edgy teenager" myth exist. Because adults are scared. Well fear us because we won't waste time hitting the breaks for your sophism!

So here is to you reader, for inspiring us to keep writing, to keep studying, to keep loving life.Cheers for all comrades among comrades, dead or alive, Cheers!

We are about to go live with the distro! An update

We are in the final stages of printing! Cracklemore and I have both successfully completed and formatted our pieces, and I was just printing the first ones, when suddenly, we ran out of ink. However, by this weekend we should be printing. We will also soon be uploading our work in various formats (EPUB and MOBI for you e-reader users out there, then a straight OpenOffice or Microsoft version) so that you can download it and read it yourself! We would appreciate donations (as they are the only thing supplying us with the ability to put knowledge on paper) but they are not required.

Another thing, if you wish us to upload or send you a different format, do not hesitate to ask. We will do our best to help you out in any way.

Thank you!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

There's A Gun To My Head: Just Pull The Fucking Trigger

There's a gun to my head. The barrel is pressed tight against my temple. Im sitting there calm, relaxed, ready for the worst to come. That's when I hear a whisper "work, go to school, start a family, be a man" NO! I shout. I gun is now cocked back. The trigger can be pulled any second. Im hearing whispers of a life I do not want, of sophist telling me how to struggle. Im hearing whispers of a life I will never have.


The trigger was pulled. No more whispers of dry nightmares of a life. Only me and my freedoms to choose what I want to do. Oh how great it feels to be seen as dead by this fucked up world! For what they see as dead is just more a love for life than then. Life is beautiful, life is grand. Life is death, and life is hell. Life is all of these things and I love it!

But when you love something, sometimes that means destroying it. I want to destroy life because it's all I have ever loved. Do not fear reader, this is more metaphorical than anything! We must all pull that trigger to free ourselves. Our brains must splatter all over the wall for our desires to be materialized upon. Individualism is the gun. Pull the trigger and see a new world. A world without anything you don't want. A world where you are free!

Just pull the fucking trigger.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Class tension is building, and it's beautiful

Today on my way to work for a staff meeting about the current government shutdown and interesting thing happened. I was waiting for the max and folks were talking about the government shutdown. i joined the conversation and we talked about how if food stamps are cut, there will be riots. This is real talk.

We all got on the max and proceeded to keep talking. More and more people were joining us. It was a town hall meeting basically. All poor folks, black brown white, all of us talking. We all agreed that if food stamps are cut that we will be fucking pissed and that most of us will probably do what we gotta do to eat.

It made me smile in joy. Class tension is building. We are no longer taking the governments shit. Im excited for what this might bring, and you should be too.