Friday, March 28, 2014

8 ways young americans do fight back

A couple of days ago I read the current article that is yet again making the rounds in anarchist social circles. From reddit to facebook I have seen the piece be praised and adored, and for every like and upvote I want to claw my fucking eyes out.

The piece is based upon a middle class lens of repression, and what fighting back actually means.

It, intentionally or unintentionaly, claims that resistance is only material and social on a mass scale and assumes all youth in this country are meer slaves that need adult guidance. That we all go to school and care about college/ have access to college.

It assumes we are a homogenous identity with a fixed trajectory with no independant thought outside of pop culture and hegemonic learning.

It assumes we are all white and liberal and love everything about this country. It assumes we are scared and weak. It assumes.

FUCK THAT NOISE. Youth fight back everyday in small ways, wether it is a social rejection of productivity and school, or a material anger of rules and order. There are plenty more than 8, but these last 8 I have seen this past month.

1. Tagging And Street Art

A big part of youth culture is the negation of sacredness. From ideas to buildings. The past is behind us, there is only the now.

This world is so baren and bland. Ads everywhere, art nowhere. Why not leave your mark? Why not colour things up a little bit?

From gang tags to just names, youth brighten our daily walks to work, literally and figuritively.

2. Fuck School, Lets Get High

School, as many of us youth know, is indoctrination central. It's were we go to destroy our individuality and become apart of the glorious working mass.

We sit around all day cramming useless and boring knowledge for the sake of value and future.

Sometimes though, we don't feel like it. Sometimes we wish to break that vicious cycle by taking some fat bong rips at the park by our schools while having existentialist talks of why pizza.

3. Social Media Hopping

In todays fucked up world of draconian anti-hedonism and orwellian surveilance youth culture is a big part of social media.

From myspace and facebook, now to kik and snapchat we hop from site to site once adults get involved.

I remember having a myspace, then quickly leaving once my mom discovered I had one.

Remember when facebook was cobsidered purely for old people? Well those old folks promptly left to join myspace. Of course we decided to ditch them like suckers.

With the rise of tumblr and other sites youth are now avoiding those sites in favor of psuedo anonymous messaging apps.

Dick pics fer dayzzz

4. Hedonism And Nihilism

It's no lie youth fuck like rabbits, or at least want to. Its also no lie we really just dont give a fuck about the future. We do what we want, not what we should.

This society tells us we must "conquer" as men, and stay "innocent" as women. Who do these men really conquer? Nobody, if you treat it like that.

Wether we are in a friends room while a kegger pops off in the background, or a park with the moon as our only light, we fuck.

From missionary to pile drivers, from oral to tongue wrestling, we indulge lustful taste of hedonistic joy and hunger. We feel the tenderness and warmth of skin on skin, bodies combining. We love every minute of it. In those moments, the world does not exist, just you and I.

With this rabid hedonism comes a special kind of nihilism, a flavor only youth can taste. It is the nihilism of now, of yesterday, of tomorrow. It is the feeling that the present is all that matters, and to focus on anything else is pointless.

Why not steal your fathers car? Why not get piss drunk in this graveyard? Why not fuck me here and now?

Why not now?

5. Ragers And Keggers

Every youth, at least every youth that knows how to have fun, participates in some drunken deubachery by getting piss drunk and puking in a neighbors bushes before they attempt to sneak back into their home.

We love our parties, and adults hate them. We love endulging in the cheapest beer, blasting the top 40 hits as loud as we can, and doing some dumbass shit.

We let neighboring adults know when we do a keg stand, because fuck them and fuck the cops, tonight is our night.

6. Don't Means Do

Everytime an adult sits us down and lays down ground rules we think only one thing; lets do that shit!

Adults act as if they are protecting us when they attempt to squash our daily rebellion, when in reality they encourage us! Dont go to that awesome sounding party? Sure, I'll go!

Don't date that person because they are trouble? Challenge accepted.

Rules are meant to be broken. Why follow a fixed trajectory devoid of experience? Why and try to prevent these experiences when they teach us lessons we shall carry on in the future?

It does no good, only fuels our urge to fulfill our simple self.

The rush and experience is worth the weekend grounding I say.

7. Limitless

There can be no limit to a youth's indulgance into "petty" adventurism, because we seek joy not happiness. Happiness to adults implies stability and a fixed position with no trajectory.

Joy for us implies unlimited pleasure and valuable experience od the unknown, of the dangerous, and of the illegal. It implies an unstable trajectory with no set destination, just a careless ride of hedonistic, nihilistic, and iconoclastic joy.

8. Authority? NAH NAH NAH

The police are our enemies. They are the ultimate challenge to our youthful spirits, the final boss. They represent order, tedious slavery.

We represent chaos and freedom, nah, we ARE chaos and freedom. We are what everyone craves to be. Lawless and boundless.

We wont attend your schools. We wont pay your overpriced bus fairs. Hell, we wont pay for your beers! We will tell you to fuck off as we run away from you at the first sight of your sirens.

Why you ask?

Because we hate YOU.

Not just your institution, not just the "bad apples."

We. Hate. You

Closing Statement

This response may read like the rantings of an angry twelve year old pissed at their parents who ironically also has horrible actualization of written english; good, I hope it reads that way.

I hope it reads like it was written by every stereotypical teenager you can think of.

We are young and dumb, but we arent old and stupid.

You may trivialize this response as uneeded frustration.

That is because it is. I do not need this in my life. I dont need the urge to write responses to horrible psuedo-academic analyses on youth by washed up and pathetic activist attempting to be hip.

We negate power all day everyday, and will continue to do so.

Why? Because fuck you.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Media cops: FUCK OFF!

A couple of days ago I was at an anti-fascist counter demonstration. The fascist never showed up, but something other than fascist were there. These folks can be just as dangerous, but in a differant way. Im talking about the media cops.

The crowd was anywhere between 150-200 folks. About half of these people were masked up, and a semi-decent black bloc formed. This is great. Fascist want to see our faces, just like the police. We cannot afford to be known if we wish to see fascism eliminated, for our lives of our loved ones and ourselves could be in jeapordy.

As I was putting on my mask, a person tried to film it. I was VERY angry, but I kept calm. I didnt feel like paying for a 600 dollar camera and going to jail for assualt. I walked up and told this person to not film folks in mask, at all. I was met with slurs and laughter, and even called a fascist. The people with cameras kept trying to film everyone with mask, closely. I talked a few out if doing so, but only a few respected me.

I was met with 3 main arguments; transperancy, the right of journalism, and how if you want to remain annonymous you better have a good mask or its your fault. All three are disturbing, but especially the last one. I also encountered the same 3 arguments on a facebook debate later that night. These people are so adement of filming masked comrades!

This inspired me to write this for 2 reasons. The first being love. I love most anarchist. Regardless of politic I do not wish to see anyone in jail, or worse, dead, so some blogger or youtuber can gain some social capital. Nor for some livestreamer to show "the people" who is at what doing what.

The 2nd reason being the lack of hostility, and neglegance to call this dangerous and reactionary behaviour. Regardless of politic, we as a millue cannot let this happen. Have your singular revolution, or your late night smashy smashy. I dont care when it comes to your safety from the state and other enemies.

TRANSPERANCY: Fuck "The people™"

Live streaming has been a thing gaming culture took to the interwebs, and people could watch tournaments, podcast, or even lets plays in the comfort of their home, live. This technology is pretty cool in the context of broadcasting something you often must pay to watch.

However, in the context of resistance, insurrection, and revolutionary activity this technology serves as yet another apperatus for the state to use for their reppressive efforts of squashing rebellion.

The alleged people watching this are not unwoken workers, or sheeple, or folks to busy to go out and yell "fuck the police!" These folks ARE the police, either actually or mentally.

The police look through whatever evidance they can find to place us in their ratchet jail cells. They comb through video after video looking for that mask that shows recognizable facial features such as eyes, forheads, or even skib colour. They atentively listen for recognized and high profile voices. We are practically handing this information to them!

The mental cops do the same. They live tweet who they think they recognize. They update their facebook statuses when they suspect they recognize that filthy "anarchist" (their words, never mine) that smashed those windows or threw dumpsters in the street, because they "gave a bad name to anarchism." They also aid the police in their endevours knowingly, or unknowingly. They are mental police.

Lastly transperancy is unnescescary. The news reports on whatever happened. The news is as much of an state apperatus because they are also media pigs, but they know to stay way.

We need not focus on this imaginary homogenous "people" and lets face it, you livestreamers are only getting 10-50 viewers, who the fuck cares? Definately not the alleged people!

Right To Film? Right to fuck off

We all encounter these types of folks. The ones who use their state sanctioned rights to invalidate our identities, repress our self, and reinforce the social order through words and phrases. These are the constitutional warriors. Here to defend their right to be a fucking asshole.

Amongst this social exist a band of photo journalist and youtubers who document police and protest for transperancy as well, but specifically fall back on amendments and rights.

This group should physically be opposed for three reasons.

The first being obvious. They are media cops who endanger our annonymicity.

The second being is they are social enemies, on the exact same side as the police. They tout the same party line if the police were a leninist party.

They claim they have a right to film, and it is protected under the constitution. This is dangerous for several reasons. Firstly, rights can only be protected by a state. Rights themselves are an individuals expression of access protected by a social, and in this case, the social is the state. They assert state protection by claiming a right, while also claiming you have no right NOT to be filmed. They see only through the eyes of the state. This makes them potential snitches, and even worse, the second reason to oppose them.

They are in the exact opposite social of anarchist everywhere. We have no state to protect our individual assertions of access. Only our uniqueness protects us. We are opposed to the state! We wish to see it absolutely destroyed!

We cannot tolerate this reactionary...for lack of a better word....statism (i feel dirty now). Our two seperate socials are in a consistant conflict with eachother. Their assertions of right to film is an assertion of state control and governance.

Not to tout ideological purity, or perfectionalism in an analytical context, but this is reactionary as fuck! These are the same folks that say "not all cops are bad" and "hey dont smash those windows!"

Whatever your anarchist politic is, we can all agree; FUCK THAT SHIT

Its YOUR Fault The State Repressed You

This is the absolute most disturbing and reactionary behaviour that MUST be aggressively opposed. We absolutely cannot tolerate this behaviour around us.

Those who espouse such vitrolic and dangerous statements of victim blaming and uncheck machismo put everyone in jeapordy, while reinforcing a dangerous message to survivors of all kinds of trauma.

To say one has a complete responsibility to remain anonymous is true. You must be smart.

However, it is not their fault. They did not choose for the state to exist. They did not choose for fascist to exist. They had no say in the existance of either. How can one who claims to be on our "side" (whatever that means) express such hateful notions and lack of self-awareness?

If you claim to be on our side, walk the walk. You are just as responsible for filming someone who is failing at remaining annonymous, as they are for not being prepares. They must be concious of media cops like you, but if you on our side you must be aware of the danger you impose yourself.

This is not a game, and the state is not some unskilled, untrained apparatus. They have existed longer than us, and you damn well must see they are more prepared.

We must protect ourselves and our comrades. Media cops, fuck off.

Closing: statement and advice

In closing I wish to give some advice.

If you are an anarchist, masked up or not, and not in the mood to get arrested for being super insurrecto/ class badass? Block their shots. Put your sign in front of their cameras, block them with your body, anything that does not touch them.

If you are willing arrested and possibly charged with assualt, AND a shit ton of angry liberals: Smash the fucking camera. They may be expensive, but compare the lives of your comrades to 600$. Fuck money, keep eachother safe!

Silly string, graffiti, fuck even food. Mess their shit up.

Now, to the media cops: Nobody fucking invited you. We dont want you, we dont like you. Every march or rally or event we are at you buzz around us like busy bees flocking for their queen bee (the state, for those bad at analogies). You tell us to respect your right to film? Fuck you. Respect our right to not be filmed or we will break that fucking camera.

Fuck your subscribers, fuck your blog viewers, and fuck your facebook friends. My comrades safety is waaaayyyy more important.

Media pigs, FUCK OFF!

this essay is a written response by john cracklemore, to OPDX live and FTPPDX.

This essay also follows the anti-© enactment. Copy, take, print, sell. Do whatever you wish. Knowledge is not property, property is theft!

Anarchy now, Anarchy forever.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Order and Chaos

This is just some quick thoughts on the subject of order and chaos.

Both are mis-represented in todays ever so destructive culture. We are told order is a strong and respetable police force, and honorable military, and a democratic tolerant givernment. We are told this is desirable.

Chaos on the other hand is seen as destruction, murder, terrorism, and more.

Now, none of these definitions are wrong perse, but neither are right.

Order is a continuous singular pattern, while chaos is a lack of pattern. When you have a specific time you do something, be it everyday or week, that is order. There is a present pattern. When you dont do whatever activity at a specific time repeatedly, that is chaos.

It is a dichotomy, but a synthesis of the 2 is needed for anarchy. We need to find our own individual balance of chaos and order to be our true selves. When we subscribe ourselves in totality to one or the other we limit our actions to a pattern, or lack thereof.

Just some thoughts.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Introduction To The Mass

Isolates, bored, lonely. These 3 feelings are what the average worker and student feel everyday. From feeling societal pressure to work harder, to feeling you have nothing to do, and even missing warm touches and great laughs.

Walking and trudging along broken and beaten sidewalks, ignoring the houseless street kids harrasing you for change. So many of us busy bodies walking from point A to point B. Always having somewhere to go. Constantly spending money, we are walking capital! We are the extraction of our own labor. We are the means of production, because withoutus the factories and the offices would never exist.

We a mass, an isolated atom. When combined with others we form an object, the object of production. We exist only to keep capital flowing.

Now, this mass is not a singular mass, because production is not the only object of society. In society, otherwise known as modern civilization, exist 3 objects. The first being control.

The ruling mass is the object of control. They own our bodies and our souls. They dictate our wants and needs through social conditioning amd the placement of moral limits to our liberation.

The second Object is Production. This is known as the social mass. Constantly workering and studying. Wave after wave we enter the workforce with preconditioned mindsets of productjvity and value. We judge ourselves on a social level based upon our productivity. From grades to quotas we are the object of production.

The final object is the object of retaliation. This object is the healthy counter balance to the object of control. This mass is the emancipated mass. Seperate from the social mass. From communist, to bank robbers. We exist in a parallel conflict with the ruling mass. We are on the otherside of this ruling mass, with the social mass inbetween.

The ruling mass and emancipated mass are, as I said earlier, stuck in a parallel conflict. Since the rise of civilization we have seen this. Revolutionaries against the establishement, angry with way things are. Constanty clashing with the powers that be. Nobody ever winning, just waves of fighters heading to the barricades.

This is the reality of civilization. This is the organizational structure of our singular, meaningless existance. We are all the objects of civilization.

The only way out is symbiotic emancipation.

Now, this is a quick introduction to this current theory of mine. This is not a summary, nor a full explanation. So much more exist within this societal analysis.

What do you think? Are we a mass? Are we a class? Ask yourself.

Irregular Distro News

Cracklemore here.

Me and echo apologize for very rarely updating this blog. This is a first time thing for us, an experiment if you will. We like writing, we like anarchy, why the hell is it so difficult?

Because we are alive in modern society, with social lives and responsibilities. From relationships to school we have task that need completion.

Recently my mother went to the doctors, and they found possible cancerous tumours. Obviously that is a blow to me, so that has greatly limited my writing, and general anarchistic activity and will continue to do so.

BUT new stuff is coming. I am finishing up my piece on the theory of the mass, while echo has posted several well done essays to

Project wise we are getting ready to launch our free skool project, while also preparing for mayday.

We thank our readers, and our supporters for helping us grow and sticking with us through our unorganized hiatus.

Remember, when your bored and have nothing to do, you can always BLOW IT UP AND BURN IT DOWN

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Time Is Now: Our Super Fucking Late Annoucement

 So holy shit do echo, and I, apologize for waiting over a month to make this announcement! My laptop has been without internet and echo has been busy with school. SO without further adue, we present, The Space (name subject to change.

       In our city, houselessness is a problem. With the city attempting to please the yuppies in the pearl, to the police kicking the houseless out of their warmish spaces and letting them freeze to death. It's a problem nobody is attempting to solve through their own means, but of that of "organizations" and "the people." We say ENOUGH! The time is now, so lets fucking do it!

       Not only does this space include a houseless shelter, but a free skool and essentially a "safer space." Queer, Trans*, and non-able bodied houseless folks get treated like shit everywhere they go. From being denied services by the salvation army and other "christian" non-profits, but they face constant harassement and danger from the state and the alleged "people." We know no space can ever be 100% safe, but why not try? It takes effort, but go for gold.

    With those 3 things in mind, you are probably thinking "Holy shit that's alot of logistics, do you even have a space?" NOPE. We don't want to buy a space, we want to take one. So many abandoned buildings litter our communities, especially with the active threat of gentrification. Why not take one of these buildings and use it for what matters? We know the police and general state are viewing this, but fear not comrades, the time is now.

   The Insurrectionary scene is a joke. We pat ourselves on the back for alleged escalation of struggle, when in reality we have done essentially nothing. I respect those braver than me to risk prison time for smashing a window, or paint bombing a police car, believe me I do, but what does it do? It pats you on the back. I am not interested in patting myself on the back, but putting the city up against a wall. So with that we invite YOU to help us get this shit going!

  Saturdays at the Red And Black Cafe at 3pm, and 6pm we are meeting to plan this shit. The meetings however, are a new style of structure for planning (lacke thereof to be specific). No organizations will help plan this, only individuals. We are asking people to represent themselves and themselves only. We do not need to be united, or decide things on consensus to get this done, no. We must only need to put energy where we can. If you are good at getting folks interested, awesome! Lets talk about how we are gonna do that. If you are good at planning the logitstics of such a space, awesome! lets talk about it! We get so caught up in decision making processes and structuring of such groups that we get nothing done.

    This may end in a complete failure. Nobody may try anything and it just be echo and I. So many possibilities, no promises. All I can say is, why the fuck not?

Happy new years to everyone and I hope you all consider doing this in your own city, because the time is now!