Monday, September 2, 2013

Another reason to leave the left: Rampant Fucking Ageism

 Im posting this because I had a unique experience tonight and not a good one. There was a debate about if society is progressivly changing because of markets and capitalism, or if it's all a shawdow covering fucked up shit. I argued that capitalism doesn't shape society, but provides a shroud over struggles to trick folks, like a magician, that something happened magically when in reality it never happened at all. That is not the point of this blog post, the the point is what followed.

Folks came back with a counter argument, but provided no platform at all. These folks are all older, from 21-31 so a good amount older than I. Everytime I wanted to speak again, I was interupted with constant attack. Why was this? that doesn't make sense we are "radicals" right? It happened because the left is dominated and controlled by hierarchies, and ageism is a hierarchy. Youth often are treated as commodities, or are provided no platform and must "listen and respect your comrades that are older." Why should we provide respect when it's not granted to us? Oh you were born 10 years before me? good for fucking you. Age doesn't grant you anything over me, it grants you having a longer time thinking about things that's it. I honestly do not give any fucks about that. I don't care if you think you "struggled more" or any oppression olympics bullshit. What I do care about is getting shit done

Enough of my tangent, let's dive into why more. By youth being seen as a commodity, I mean youth are seen as a tool, as an object, rather than actual people. We are viewed as a neccascary tool for revolution. That we are the ones to continue the struggle so the left takes that and falls into the typical savoir politics they do. The left feels like they must shape and form youth resistance and rebellion and control it. The left controls the youth by providing no platform. Instead they bombard us with readings and tell us to read all this useless shit. They also force us to listen and respect them. This is how youth are seen as a commodity.

Well enough is enough, im fucking sick of it. People critique Post-leftism for being "edgy" and "a bunch of teenagers just trying to be cool" but do you all who say that ever ask yourselves why someone would leave the left? As a youth I left the left because im sick of your bullshit. I have maybe a handfull of leftist as friends and comrades still after this night because of this bullshit. Im sure there is ageism among post-left circles, but I have yet to encounter it, or even hear about it. SO for all the youth reading this, get out while you still can! Leave now! Tell all your "revolutionary" older folks to fuck off and just walk away and head towards your own destination. Don't let them control and dictate you and force false alleigences upon you. Run fast! and leave a trail of flames and ashes in your path.

The new world will form out of the ashes of the old



  1. Don't bitch out because you didn't get treated fairly. It isn't a reflection on 'the left', but more group dynamics. Nothing to freak out about. If we ended co-operation every-time we disagreed we would all end up ...... like the new left, and nobody wants that.

  2. "Don't bitch out because you didn't get treated fairly."

    Please don't say "Bitch out" about this. It's a sexist term and everyone (including myself) should try to avoid using oppressive language.

    "It isn't a reflection on 'the left', but more group dynamics. Nothing to freak out about. If we ended co-operation every-time we disagreed we would all end up ...... like the new left, and nobody wants that."

    What exactly do you mean by "the new left"? A divided hellhole?

    Are you saying the left should unify? Cause this is something I am ardently against- fuck false unity.