Monday, January 6, 2014

The Time Is Now: Our Super Fucking Late Annoucement

 So holy shit do echo, and I, apologize for waiting over a month to make this announcement! My laptop has been without internet and echo has been busy with school. SO without further adue, we present, The Space (name subject to change.

       In our city, houselessness is a problem. With the city attempting to please the yuppies in the pearl, to the police kicking the houseless out of their warmish spaces and letting them freeze to death. It's a problem nobody is attempting to solve through their own means, but of that of "organizations" and "the people." We say ENOUGH! The time is now, so lets fucking do it!

       Not only does this space include a houseless shelter, but a free skool and essentially a "safer space." Queer, Trans*, and non-able bodied houseless folks get treated like shit everywhere they go. From being denied services by the salvation army and other "christian" non-profits, but they face constant harassement and danger from the state and the alleged "people." We know no space can ever be 100% safe, but why not try? It takes effort, but go for gold.

    With those 3 things in mind, you are probably thinking "Holy shit that's alot of logistics, do you even have a space?" NOPE. We don't want to buy a space, we want to take one. So many abandoned buildings litter our communities, especially with the active threat of gentrification. Why not take one of these buildings and use it for what matters? We know the police and general state are viewing this, but fear not comrades, the time is now.

   The Insurrectionary scene is a joke. We pat ourselves on the back for alleged escalation of struggle, when in reality we have done essentially nothing. I respect those braver than me to risk prison time for smashing a window, or paint bombing a police car, believe me I do, but what does it do? It pats you on the back. I am not interested in patting myself on the back, but putting the city up against a wall. So with that we invite YOU to help us get this shit going!

  Saturdays at the Red And Black Cafe at 3pm, and 6pm we are meeting to plan this shit. The meetings however, are a new style of structure for planning (lacke thereof to be specific). No organizations will help plan this, only individuals. We are asking people to represent themselves and themselves only. We do not need to be united, or decide things on consensus to get this done, no. We must only need to put energy where we can. If you are good at getting folks interested, awesome! Lets talk about how we are gonna do that. If you are good at planning the logitstics of such a space, awesome! lets talk about it! We get so caught up in decision making processes and structuring of such groups that we get nothing done.

    This may end in a complete failure. Nobody may try anything and it just be echo and I. So many possibilities, no promises. All I can say is, why the fuck not?

Happy new years to everyone and I hope you all consider doing this in your own city, because the time is now!