Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wishing everyone (and myself) Good luck for the school year!

Hello all, hope you had a good summer break.

I just wanted to have a post for everyone  regarding this next school year. I just wanna try to encourage everyone to have a good time, despite going to school. This year, like every year, will be tough, but we don't have to let it get us down. I encourage everyone to find ways to make life at your school more bearable for you, and increase your capacity for joy and happiness. If you do that with cheating on your homework, do it! The only thing that makes sharing your information wrong is that the authority has told you it's wrong, and since when have anarchists been fans of listening to authority? If you want something done at your school, like a garden instead of those disgusting patches of dead grass, then do what you must to get it done. There are many ways and reasons to make your life at school more enjoyable and less restricting.

One of the many texts I've read this year said to always be making plans, and I hope you all take that to heart, and remember to always try to make plans for making your time in school enjoyable.

Stay insurrecto.


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