Sunday, September 29, 2013

The poor mans song: A nightmare come true.

Our tale begins in a city. loud and obnoxious our hero is a poor man. He used to love and be loved now, today, that all has changed. Lets start from the beginning though.

The story goes like this: We got the money, we got the guns. Everyone gets in the van and is told to not deviate from the plan. This is it the time is near. His heart beats as fast as a fox running through the forest after a rabbit. His prey nearing and his heart beating ever faster to be able to eat. He is ready to sing the poor mans song. They jump out of the van and charge in quick. 4 of them, all poor men singing the poor mans song. They shout at everyone to get down. Nobody knows who they are, oh the joys of mask. They run to the teller to find the manager. 2 of them stand gaurd to make sure nobody tries anything. That's when silence came.

Silence then sirens!

It all goes down like in his night mare the night before. This is it things are over, but do not worry reader. This is not the end of our heroes fate. This is only the beginning. He'll do all he can to keep his nose clean. Even if it means killing a cop or 2. Bang, bang! The noise of gunshots echoes through the bank. These men were going to become rich even if it meant death! They keep shotting while everyone insides scream, though our heroines are not concerned about them. The bank vault finally opens. Time to get rich he screams in joy.

But lets go back to the beginning of our tale. For our hero as stated, was a poor man. Living from paycheck to paycheck, only seeing his daughter 5 minutes before she has to go to bed. His wife angry that he can't bring in enough cash. He skips meals for his daughter and wife to eat, they are all he cares about. He will do anything to support them but he realizes that he cannot in his current state of work.

That's when his friend approaches him. Want to be a rich man? he asked. Just follow the plan and we will be good. Of course john accepts. He sings the poor man song, and when your singing that song there is no right or wrong.

It all happened so fast. As they were in the vault putting the money in the bags one of the four has been shot in the head. The police are not playing any games today. Our heroines do not freak out thought. They are skin deep, watching their own necks. Each of them understand they will do whatever it takes to keep their nose clean. As I said, right and wrong means nothing when your singing that poor mans song.

They finished packing their bags full of cash. They needed to leave. Another one of them is shot and killed.  2 left. They understand play time is over. Our hero grabs a random man and holds him at gunpoint. He needs to get to the van. Ski mask? check Sawn off? check. Guilty concious and a fear of death? check. Our other member steps out first and is immediatly shot dead. This is it. There is no going back. It is do or die! He Opens the doors. Time has slowed down. His daughter and wife are the last thing he thought about


That is the end of our heroines tale. He took drastic measure for those he loved most, because it was all he could do. He didn't want to be there, he didn;t want to be near but capitalism forced it's hand. life or death is the name of the game. What was the point of this story? Well right and wrong is thrown out the window when your singing the poor man's song.

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