Friday, September 13, 2013

Iconclastic Individualism and youth: Why are youth always rebellious?

In this day and age, and throughout history youth are always depicted as uncontrollable and hostile towards authority. A main "critique" of anarchism is that "It's a bunch of edgy teenagers" but have we thought about why that is? Alot of leftist will say because of the "violent window smashers and punks" or that "Because youth are the stupid ones." Besides the obvious ageism, everyone I described so far is wrong. Youth are the iconclastic individuals, the ones that cannot and will not be controlled, but why?

Anthropologically speaking, before civilization existed all forms of human existence were the closest thing to anarchy and true egalitarianism. You're probably wondering why I pulled that out. I did so because youth still retain those natural instincts of anarchy. Before we reach adulthood we are still groomed by society and molded, and the process isn't complete until we reach adulthood. So before that our natural instincts resist the authority of all those around us. Youth are the true iconclastic individuals who will bring about the apocolypse.

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