Monday, September 30, 2013

Smash civ!

Do you feel enslaved? Trapped? Threatened?

You probably are. It's not a feeling that comes from nowhere. Really, it's the most un-natural feeling in the world. It's something humans aren't used to, as it has only really been around for the past 8,000-10,000 years (of course, oppression existed before that, but it fundamentally changed after that moment in history). What happened? Civilization happened. 

We never were meant to be collected like this and taught to perform a certain job. We weren't meant to maneuver ourselves between power structures and try to fit in within them. It makes us feel unbearable weight on our shoulders, drags us down, until we finally break, and either go postal or just die.

Humans are as incompatible with civilization as freedom is with totalitarianism. Without civilization we could not have structures that oppress minorities of all sorts, we could not have mass-oppression.

Iconoclasts, lets us destroy civilization!


  1. Random question. I've always been intrigued by anti-civ, post-left type thinking although I still identify with the libertarian left. What are your views (Echo and Cracklemore) on technology, especially medical technology? Yeah, technology can require organization and environmental destruction to use, but does the possible harm required by technology outweigh its medical uses?

    Take kids born with heart problems whose medical issues are entirely genetic and not a result of the shit capitalism forces us to consume and breathe. Medication or surgery keeps them alive; how/why is organized production of medication more oppressive than sick people dying?

    1. Hi thanks for your question!

      I am against technology. Technology has created so many of the problems that technology is required to fix or stop. That being said, I am a firm believer in creativity. Technology is a product of humanism and civilization. Creativity however, is the individual bringing to life (I fail for a better word at the moment) the object of their desire.

      The first airplane was a product of technology, the first stone tool was a product of creativity. We creates things to fulfill our current and long terms needs. It becomes technology when it serves the purpose of furthering civilization and all the powers of domination.

      For the kid with heart problems, of course there is an immediate need, I don't see why a surgeon wouldn't exist when destroying the current social order and smashing civilization. Organized production of medication though is humanist. So many animals are tested upon and killed for that 1 kid. That shit has got to go.

      Also the genetics which produced said heart problem are a product of civilization, not evolution. As the post says, this shit is not normal for us. We, as humans, are not meant to be forced into the boxes we are forced in. The heart problem is a product of those boxes from our bodies NOT adapting to our current state. We humans aren't as tough as we think we are.

      So in edning this comment I am against technology, but pro creativity.

  2. I agree completely, I just wanna add to the bit about the heart problem: the reason it has been caused by civilization is the copious amounts of crap we eat and in general take into our bodies is what's making is sick. Of course there were some people who had weak hearts in pre-civilization times, but they were far far fewer. Also, as of now some people are pre-disposed to having a weak heart, so it is rather unfortunate, but we can have a post-civilized society in which we are also equipped with the knowledge and means to take care of people with a weak heart. Same goes for many other diseases.