Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Order and Chaos

This is just some quick thoughts on the subject of order and chaos.

Both are mis-represented in todays ever so destructive culture. We are told order is a strong and respetable police force, and honorable military, and a democratic tolerant givernment. We are told this is desirable.

Chaos on the other hand is seen as destruction, murder, terrorism, and more.

Now, none of these definitions are wrong perse, but neither are right.

Order is a continuous singular pattern, while chaos is a lack of pattern. When you have a specific time you do something, be it everyday or week, that is order. There is a present pattern. When you dont do whatever activity at a specific time repeatedly, that is chaos.

It is a dichotomy, but a synthesis of the 2 is needed for anarchy. We need to find our own individual balance of chaos and order to be our true selves. When we subscribe ourselves in totality to one or the other we limit our actions to a pattern, or lack thereof.

Just some thoughts.

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