Monday, March 10, 2014

Introduction To The Mass

Isolates, bored, lonely. These 3 feelings are what the average worker and student feel everyday. From feeling societal pressure to work harder, to feeling you have nothing to do, and even missing warm touches and great laughs.

Walking and trudging along broken and beaten sidewalks, ignoring the houseless street kids harrasing you for change. So many of us busy bodies walking from point A to point B. Always having somewhere to go. Constantly spending money, we are walking capital! We are the extraction of our own labor. We are the means of production, because withoutus the factories and the offices would never exist.

We a mass, an isolated atom. When combined with others we form an object, the object of production. We exist only to keep capital flowing.

Now, this mass is not a singular mass, because production is not the only object of society. In society, otherwise known as modern civilization, exist 3 objects. The first being control.

The ruling mass is the object of control. They own our bodies and our souls. They dictate our wants and needs through social conditioning amd the placement of moral limits to our liberation.

The second Object is Production. This is known as the social mass. Constantly workering and studying. Wave after wave we enter the workforce with preconditioned mindsets of productjvity and value. We judge ourselves on a social level based upon our productivity. From grades to quotas we are the object of production.

The final object is the object of retaliation. This object is the healthy counter balance to the object of control. This mass is the emancipated mass. Seperate from the social mass. From communist, to bank robbers. We exist in a parallel conflict with the ruling mass. We are on the otherside of this ruling mass, with the social mass inbetween.

The ruling mass and emancipated mass are, as I said earlier, stuck in a parallel conflict. Since the rise of civilization we have seen this. Revolutionaries against the establishement, angry with way things are. Constanty clashing with the powers that be. Nobody ever winning, just waves of fighters heading to the barricades.

This is the reality of civilization. This is the organizational structure of our singular, meaningless existance. We are all the objects of civilization.

The only way out is symbiotic emancipation.

Now, this is a quick introduction to this current theory of mine. This is not a summary, nor a full explanation. So much more exist within this societal analysis.

What do you think? Are we a mass? Are we a class? Ask yourself.

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