Monday, March 10, 2014

Irregular Distro News

Cracklemore here.

Me and echo apologize for very rarely updating this blog. This is a first time thing for us, an experiment if you will. We like writing, we like anarchy, why the hell is it so difficult?

Because we are alive in modern society, with social lives and responsibilities. From relationships to school we have task that need completion.

Recently my mother went to the doctors, and they found possible cancerous tumours. Obviously that is a blow to me, so that has greatly limited my writing, and general anarchistic activity and will continue to do so.

BUT new stuff is coming. I am finishing up my piece on the theory of the mass, while echo has posted several well done essays to

Project wise we are getting ready to launch our free skool project, while also preparing for mayday.

We thank our readers, and our supporters for helping us grow and sticking with us through our unorganized hiatus.

Remember, when your bored and have nothing to do, you can always BLOW IT UP AND BURN IT DOWN

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